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-- For all members, payouts will be completed within (72) hours of request via Mass Pay.
-- You must request your payment through an available payment processor. Dollars in Bitcoin
-- Ensure your payment address is correct before requesting a payment. domain.com is not responsible payments not received in any way due to user error.
-- Multiple accounts requesting to the same account will be suspended. Only one account is permitted per user.
-- Requesting [$0.05] a NET of [$0.00] will be cancelled and returned to your account until the minimum can be achieved. Members requesting are responsible for some of the transaction fee although we keep this extremely low.

Refund Policy

All payments to domain.com are non-refundable.

Advertising Terms

domain.com is not responsible for any claims or promises with sites in rotation.
-- The website must not contain pornographic, racist, discriminating, vulgar, and illegal materials of any kind.
-- The website must not contain any frame breakers.[busts from within held frame]
-- The website must not contain or promote any viruses
-- The website must not contain any popups.
-- The website may not be altered after the approval. Any major alterations should be resubmitted for review.
-- Advertisers who are inactive for (90) days or more may have their remaining credits removed and account deleted. To remain active, simply log in to domain.com once per (90) day period.
-- Advertisers have (7) days to approve or deny signups. At this time the offer is automatically approved. -- We are currently not accepting Paid To Promote sites with the exception of Donkey Mails, CashNhits, No-Minimum,Vast Hits, Cash-Ons, Etc.. This list is subject to change based on the overall cleanliness of the Paid to Promote website.
-- All payment processor Charge-backs, Inquires/Disputes result in immediate account and advertising suspension.
-- I reserve the right to refuse or deny any advertising to any domain for any reason or no reason.
-- Advertisements that are denied or break Terms of Service will be deleted and the remaining advertising credits will be returned to your account or available for retraction.
-- Subject to Change

Member Agreement

By becoming a member of domain.com, you voluntarily, expressly and knowingly agree to each and all Terms of Service and conditions of this program. You AGREE that domain.com, is not responsible for any claims or promises with sites in rotation. Members who sign-up for a program advertised at domain.com, should check program review sites such as PTC Investigations, Scam Detector and others before investing. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THESE TERMS: You must elect NOT to become a member.

Promoting Terms

These terms are for members who promote domain.com with or without their referral link. If the website is deemed inappropriate, your account may be suspended and the site will be blocked:
-- The incoming traffic must not come from an iframe smaller than 50% of the browser window.
-- The incoming traffic must not come from an auto-surfer.
-- The incoming traffic must not come from a site with viruses or one that promotes cheating.
-- domain.com does not support PTP FOREVER or any other spam related advertising programs. We maintain a clean ad viewing experience.
-- The incoming traffic must come from an English Website or a translator friendly website.
-- Forum traffic promoting auto-clickers, bots or any other violation will be deleted and blocked from our system.
-- The incoming traffic must not impede or stop our timer and verification system. If the website has an excessive amount of banners to call it will be automatically denied.

Spam & E-mail Filters

We do not believe in spam, in-fact we don't even believe in e-mails! domain.com does not send E-Mails of any kind unless directly from the administrator. At no time will the staff of domain.com send you an attachment or ask you for details pertaining to your account other than username and e-mail associated. domain.com is not responsible for e-mails not received or blocked. We are extremely reachable through this website, Facebook, Skype and any other desired method.

Inactive Accounts

If your account has been inactive for more than [90] days, it may be deleted and all balance, advertising credits and account information lost.

False Representation

We do not tolerate anyone who uses false information to get referrals, compete in contests and advertise. If your account is suspected to violate our False Representation clause it may be subject to account suspension.

Cheating would include any of the following:

-- Interfering with our system to prevent optimum security and/or reliability.
-- Creating any type of emulator, or a program to automate the process of clicking.
-- Any malicious act that may in any way interfere with our system or network operations.
-- Failing more than 30 log in attempts in 30 days (Incorrect ReCaptcha Code)
-- Failing more than (5) cheat checks per day. Any temporary interruptions while completing a cheat check will not penalize your account.
-- Exploiting the Paid To Promote system by sending junk traffic. This includes excessive visits resulting in Zero legitimate referrals.
-- Failing an excessive amount of sign-up offers. The current system allows for a PTSU Rating of [-6]. This means when you fail (6) more sign-ups than you are approved for your account will be deleted.
-- Any member found to have multiple accounts will be suspended and all balance and credits will be lost.
-- Altering your geographic location to increase earning opportunities will result in immediate account suspension. We monitor and record your IP upon join, log in, cash out and surf.


If you violate any of these Terms of Service, any pending payments, account balance, advertising balance, and active advertisements are forfeit. domain.com is the sole arbitrator for what constitutes a violation of our Terms of Service.


With our tough anti-cheat system, it is extremely difficult to cheat. If someone is caught cheating or simply attempting to cheat, we have the right to forfeit all earnings and upon further review you may be banned from our entire network.

Multiple Accounts

You are not allowed to create more than 1 account.

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